Composting is Arizona: Just a trend or is it here to stay?

Composting is simple. It is food waste and plant matter mixed with water until it decomposes. This is an alternative solution to throwing away whats called green matter to landfills.

There are several ways to compost or have your compost collected. Various cities provide instructions as well as offer a pick-up solution. There are also third parties that will collect compost from business as well as residents. Recycled City, for example, picks up green waste from a handful of restaurants around the valley.

But, why is it important to compost? Well, according to the City of Tempe, AZ, “Approximately one-quarter of all refuse taken to our landfills is some type of organic waste. These materials do not decompose in a landfill because air and water are excluded.”

There are many problems with landfills including the release of toxins, leachate and they create greenhouse gasses, according to

WM (Waste Managment) in Arizona is the primary trash and recycling collectors in Arizona. Though they have several fail-safes in place to prevent contamination of our earth, such as, liners to keep leachate away, groundwater monitoring and more, one wonders, is that enough? Were does WM stand on the idea of compost?


How to compost in AZ:

How to in PHX (Incliuding where to get the bins):

City of Tempe has a compost option and explains the benifit, how to, trouble shooting and much more information:

Gilbert, same at Tempe with less info:

Recycled city 3rd party compost, hopes to contract with city. Buissness and Residential. Great facts. Promotes restaunts that compost.

Restaurants that compost with Recycled City(Try to interview owners or mod):


Why Compost?

When did they start?

Worth it?

What is the hardest part?

What new systems did they have to put in place?

Convient vs inconvient

3rd party vs the city

Good article of the different cities that compost, but thats about it:

UofA compost:


Info and Arizona Compost:


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